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Events: The dungeoneering event is still active. The first player to achieve level 99 in dungeoneering will be rewarded with 10 million coins in-game!


PlatinumScape 2 Is Here! by Jay
Hello People!

PlatinumScape 2 IS OUT NOW!!!

You can play by downloading the .jar launcher from the Download page!

PlatinumScape has so much content. Many bosses, many minigames and dungeons, slayers tasks and quests. We have many points systems you will love and you can have yourself a badass dungeon with our WORKING Dungeoneering! There is much more to see! You can customize your own interface and more for own best experience. Choose between the old and new HP bars, add names over players and npc's heads and enjoy our 525 revision graphics!

The new Trivia Bot will keep you busy with all his questions, answer them right to win TriviaPoints!

We moved the character files of every active members to the new game but keep in mind that you might have items in your inventory that you didn't have before. The client is available to download in both a .zip and .jar format.

Welcome to PlatinumScape 2 Everyone!

Best regards,


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Welcome everyone to the brand new PlatinumScape 2! We wish everyone an awesome time with us. If you have a question, a problem or anything don't hesitate to ask. We have a new Pet Shop! You may buy yourself a pet that will follow you anywhere you go, even in battle! You will need vote points to buy a pet. We fixed dungeoneering so that you and your friends can deal with epic fights in our dungeons!

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Active Event: First to 99 dungeonreering wins 10m!
Alex: hey Jay Jul 31, 2017 2:30:23 GMT -5
Alex: :) Jul 31, 2017 2:30:59 GMT -5
Jay: Hewo Jul 31, 2017 2:31:19 GMT -5
Alex: hewa Jul 31, 2017 2:31:53 GMT -5
Jay: Roy is banned :') Jul 31, 2017 2:31:59 GMT -5
Alex: lol ik Jul 31, 2017 2:32:15 GMT -5
Alex: :D Jul 31, 2017 2:32:18 GMT -5
Jay: Tryna leech haha Jul 31, 2017 2:32:39 GMT -5
Jay: The forum got all reworked! Spent hours on it.. :D Jul 31, 2017 16:19:31 GMT -5
Jay: Hello all, the client might show 0% for a minute or two but don't desesperate.. it's still loading everything, just be patient, If it says Error, reopen it :) Jul 31, 2017 18:36:55 GMT -5 *
Jay: The website will be updated anytime soon :) Aug 2, 2017 18:33:25 GMT -5 *
Jay: The site will now be in maintenance for the update Aug 2, 2017 18:40:36 GMT -5
Jay: All done :D Aug 2, 2017 23:04:50 GMT -5
jake22: hi Aug 3, 2017 0:21:10 GMT -5
jake22: How do I apply for staff Aug 3, 2017 7:07:46 GMT -5
ark: can't find client and also doesn't work. Aug 3, 2017 9:28:28 GMT -5
Jay: Simply press the Play tab Aug 3, 2017 10:24:03 GMT -5 *
Jay: Then you will see a PlayNow button (: Aug 3, 2017 10:24:21 GMT -5
wint: Jay, could you add me on Skype ? I have an offer - w1nt0rz Aug 9, 2017 7:29:45 GMT -5
Jay: An offer? Aug 9, 2017 10:10:32 GMT -5
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